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The Importance of an Escrow Account

An escrow account is used to secure funds for legal matters that exist presently or in the future. The money is given to the lawyer to save with the understanding, "If I need your services money is available to cover legal expenses." If not needed, or, if a desire to close the account is a future choice, the client may do so. A service fee may or may not be attached to the account. the escrow account can compensate for a variety of legal matters.

It's not just a need to retain for troublesome situations such as DUI, accidents, landlord/tenant issues, custody or divorce issues, workers compensation and/or even a future need to secure counsel for retirement and pension matter— maybe an inheritance issue unexpectedly happens. Why not allow GDW Lawyers to be on stand by to accommodate the need for legal representation? Free consultation is available and a GDW Lawyer will discuss all of your concerns. Don't allow yourself to become caught off guard by being unprepared to handle unforeseen legal matters which, unfortunately, can sometimes quickly become unexpected financial burdens.

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