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GDW Lawyers specialize in a variety of practice areas. We never turn clients away solely for financial reasons because we realize that hiring an attorney can sometimes be an unexpected financial burden. GDW Lawyers represent clients from all backgrounds as we believe that people have a right to fair, competent representation to help navigate a complicated legal system. 

GDW Law is unique in that each attorney practices with an emphasis on individual attention. You talk. We listen. Then, and only then, together we carefully devise a viable legal plan to attain the best possible outcome for all parties involved. The essence of GDW Law is always keeping the passion in our practice for each and every client.

While Green Durcan & Weiner calls Freeport home, we represent clients from all over Long Island and New York City. In addition, we partner with community organizations ranging from elder care and families in need to assisting the formerly incarcerated make a fresh start. We always seeking new partnerships that strengthen the communities we serve.

GDW Attorneys

Gerald Green has been successfully practicing law since the 1960s. Need we say more? Probably not but just in case, he specializes in Real Estate Law as well as Wills, Trusts & Estates.
Gerald Green ha estado practicando el derecho con éxito desde los años 60. ¿Necesitamos decir más? Probablemente no, pero por si acaso, se especializa en derecho de bienes raíces, así como testamentos, fideicomisos y bienes.
William Durcan is a well humored consummate professional who just happens to be quite skilled at crafting and closing The Deal. He works closely will Gerald Green.
William Durcan es un profesional consumado bien humored que acaba de ser muy hábil en la elaboración y el cierre de The Deal. Trabaja de cerca Gerald Green.


Jeffrey Weiner is a true advocate for the people. Jeff's primary focus is on criminal and family law, but he is quite well versed in civil litigation and several other areas of practice.
Jeffrey Weiner es un verdadero defensor de la gente. El enfoque principal de Jeff se centra en el derecho penal y familiar, pero está bastante versado en litigios civiles y en varias otras áreas de práctica.
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